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Hey there! How’s it going?

For those searching for some inspiration and laughs,  for anyone who is a connoisseur of books, or for those who have a love of music and games, this is the place for you!


A Bit About Me: My name is Melissa and I am 21 year-old coffee-obsessed, video-game-addicted, writer who longs for travel and telekinetic super powers. Currently, I’m living in the city of Montreal as a freelance game blogger and recently graduated college with my literature degree! Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a love for learning, creating and admiring anything art related. But my passion was always about writing. My high school years were spent primarily in the library with my nose in a book and headphones in my ears. I enjoy keeping busy but if I have down time, I’m usually up to one of these things; if I don’t have a PS4 controller in my hand, I’m probably hacking away at my manuscript, rolling out my mat to do some Pop Pilates or playing a game of soccer (because I can’t stand to sit still for too long)!

I love meeting and collaborating with new people so this blog became the perfect way to share with others the things that I’m thinking about and working on. I’ve been working as a journalist for the past four years, starting off as an intern at The Vocalist Magazine. There, I interviewed artists, managers and coaches to share their love for and advice about music with those looking to start their own careers in the music industry. Now, I’m focusing primarily on making the jump from journalism to creative writing and the gaming industry, in hopes of being a game writer which has always been my ultimate goal! In the past, I’ve had the honor of writing for some pretty cool places including MTL Blog and Gameluster. Currently, I’m working with the really awesome team over at N3rdabl3!


What will you discover on the Bookish Wanderer?

I hope that The Bookish Wanderer can help us to motivate each other and share our experiences when it comes to art and life as a whole.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’ll be posting about a ton of different topics like:

  • Book Hauls, TAGS, TBR’s & Reviews
  • Soundtrack Saturdays (Every other Saturday I share playlists featuring awesome artists that I want to spread the word about and share my love of music!)
  • Lifestyle (Inspiration on school, fitness and fashion)
  • Gaming (Most of my gaming articles can be found on N3rdabl3 but over here I hope to share my love and obsession with gaming; the intricate stories, addicting gameplay and all the beloved and badass characters out there.)
  • Poetry (including originals and pieces I love)
  • Writing advice & inspiration

Message me anytime and don’t forget to follow/subscribe so you can get notified about new posts. I would love to hear from you and start a conversation! Enjoy your visit fellow wanderer and have a wonderful day!